Terms and Conditions


For in-person sales, we accept cash, credit cards and PayPal. For online sales, we accept payments processed through PayPal, Affirm and Apple Pay. For more information on our payments, view our full policy.

Pickups / Meetings

Whenever we set up a meeting for a purchase, trade or sale, it's important that we meet at a safe environment for both parties. Our most common meeting spots are at fast food restaurants and public spaces such as libraries, malls, cafeterias, etc. Our meeting locations are structured to be halfway from the town or city where a customer or client is located, that way it is most convenient for both parties. Meeting times are to be coordinated between the customer and sales representative. 


Fast n Free Shipping - We ship all of our items using our Fast n Free method. Never pay for shipping again. Always fast. Always free. Most of our products will ship using USPS Priority Mail. Smaller items will use USPS First Class Mail. Larger items will use UPS Ground.

Packaging - All of our products are packaged safely and securely to avoid any damages or mishaps during the shipping process. We reuse packaging and boxes from major shippers such as Amazon to reduce costs associated with shipping, that way we can offer free shipping on all of our products. If you believe your package was damaged and resulted in a defect product, please contact us immediately. To improve our shipping speed and efficiency, some packages may ship in their original manufacturer packaging. To request your order to be shipped inside a separate box, please reach out to us before completing your order.

Return Shipping - If you would like to return a product that is not due to a defect, you will be responsible for paying return shipping costs. We highly advise the product be packaged safely and securely to avoid any damage during the shipping process. We will not be responsible for any return shipments that are damaged or not received. Please be sure to add tracking to your return shipment. 

Pickup Only Items - Some bulky items such as home theater systems, TV's, desktops, etc., will be available for pickup only. Please read the description of the item you're looking to purchase to see if shipping is available. If shipping is not available, please reach out to us to schedule a pickup.


All warranty information provided from the manufacturer is purely for informational purposes. Actual warranty coverage is not guaranteed. 

Returns & Refunds

We do our best to make sure you're satisfied with the product you purchased however if you do want to return an item, we offer a 30 day return policy on all of our products and accessories.

- Must be the original purchaser. Returns from other parties can not be accepted. 

- Must be returned in the same condition as purchased. Brand new items that are returned opened may be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

- Must include all original accessories that were included with your purchase. If accessories are missing, the retail value of the item(s) that is missing will be deducted from your refund.

- Return shipping will be at the buyers' expense unless the orders placed through eBay where we offer free returns. 



When we purchase a product or receive a product from a trade in, we must fill out a contract between us and the supplier. We will require a government issued photo ID (drivers license/state ID) in order to fill out the contract in accordance with state law. As long as an item remains in good standing, all customer information will remain completely confidential. For any item that is purchased or traded in that does not remain in good standing (reported stolen) or unable to activate, the seller will be responsible for refunding the purchase price plus a $25 penalty within 2 weeks of such notice. 

Products We Don't Accept

We do not accept any devices that are cracked or any items with major cosmetic defects. Any products sold to us must pass our multi point inspection in order for them to be purchased. For smartphones and cellular devices, we only accept unlocked devices with no carrier locks. If you're unsure if your device is unlocked or not, please contact your carrier directly. Cellular devices with an eSIM should be properly deactivated from your carrier before selling to us. Any products with tracking hardware/software or security locks (such as Activation Lock, Samsung Reactivation Lock, Passwords, Passcodes, etc.) will not be purchased.

Large products such as monitors and TV's, or fragile items, must include their original box and packaging in order to be purchased. 

Multi Point Inspections

Each of our products go through a multi point inspection before they are sold. These inspections test out various hardware and software components of the device. Some components on the device might not be tested due to a lack of equipment on our end. Please contact us if you have any questions on exactly what has been tested out before purchasing.

Trade In Values

Along with cash offers, we will also offer a trade in value which would be applicable towards our online store. The difference of the trade in value and the product listed for sale would be covered in "cash on top", either on your end or on ours. "Cash on top" from our end can not exceed 50% of that trade in value. For example, if a trade in value of $1000 is given for an item, that can only be applied for any items of $500 or above.

Downloads & Software

Any software, download codes, or downloaded content on a device or within the packaging of a product is not guaranteed and can not be verified on our end to be authentic or available for use. Most of our products are factory restored to the original state in which it was purchased so it will only include the factory installed programs that are installed on the operating system.


All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. The battery lifespan within a product purchased from us will vary depending on how you use your device as well as the settings you choose for it. Due to this factor, we will not be responsible for any battery replacements or reimbursements after our 30 day return policy has expired. 

Retail Prices and Product Descriptions

In the description of our listings, we may note the original retail price of an item (or MSRP). This price is for reference only and may not indicate the products current retail value. In our eBay Channel, certain products may be linked with eBay's own catalog with specifications listed for that item. Certain specifications such as color, compatibility, or other details may be incorrect. If you wish to confirm details on a specific device, please reach out to us before purchasing. 

Last Updated: January 5, 2024