Selling To Us

We're glad you're here! If you're looking to sell a product to us, below are some of the requirements we have for all the products we purchase. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


1. All Products Must Be Free of Any Accounts or Passwords - We will not accept any devices that are iCloud locked, have passcodes or passwords, reactivation locks, or security tracking software (ex. LoJack, Computrace) on them. If your device has any of these listed above, please make sure they are properly removed/deactivated before selling to us. 

2. Condition Must Be "Fair" or Above - All the products we accept must be in "Fair" condition or better. We consider "Fair" condition to be any products with a moderate to heavy amount of scratching on the surface or body, but with no cracks or missing parts. Any products with cracks in the body or screen will not be accepted. All products must be fully functional with no functional defects. 

3. Purchase Contracts - In order to purchase any goods, we are required by state law to fill out a purchase contract whenever we receive any inventory. This will require an acceptable form of identification to be presented at the time of purchase, usually a drivers license or state ID. 

4. Blacklisted Devices / Not Clear for Activation - We will not purchase any cellular devices that are blacklisted (reported lost or stolen) or any devices that are unable to properly activate with a cellular network. To make sure your device is not blacklisted, please go to to make sure it is clean for activation.

5. Sprint/T-Mobile/Subsidiary Devices - Unfortunately due to the way these carriers connect their devices, we do not purchase any carrier locked devices from Sprint, T-Mobile, or any subsidiary carriers such as MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Xfinity Mobile, etc. If you have a device from one of these carriers, please make sure the device is properly unlocked before selling to us. Contact your carrier for more information on how to unlock your device. 

6. Quotes (Cash Value / Trade in Value) - Whenever we give a quote for any products, there will be a cash value as well as a trade in value. Cash values will be a set price that we will pay for that specific item. Trade in values act as store credit that you could use to purchase a product from our store. All quotes on any products will only last 2 weeks. After that period has ended, quotes are subject to change based on the current market value. 

 7. For TV's, Large Desktops, and other large items - Due to shipping and packaging restraints, all TV's over 40" must include their original box and packaging. Large Desktops such as iMac's and All-In-Ones must include their original box and packaging material as well. Other large items will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Last Updated: March 25, 2022