Shipping Policy

A major part of our business is being able to offer free shipping on all of our products and accessories. We believe paying for shipping costs is a thing of the past. 


How We Pack Our Shipments

Packing our shipments correctly is important to us so that you can get exactly what you ordered, in the condition that was advertised.
-  We reuse packaging and boxes from major shippers such as Amazon to reduce costs associated with shipping, that way we can offer free shipping on all of our products
- Shipments will be safely packed with a variety of reused packing materials to ensure safe travel for your item(s)


Expedited Shipping

For orders needing a quick delivery, we offer Expedited Shipping for all of our products through Priority Mail Express.
- Expedited Shipping will cost $29.99 per package
- Some Expedited Shipping services might require a signature so make sure there will be someone ready to accept delivery during the time frame the package should arrive 
- Should an Expedited shipment need to be returned due to the product being mistakenly purchased or any other issue on account of the buyer, the Expedited shipping cost will not be refunded



When returning an item by shipment, these are things to keep in mind for the shipping process.
- Make sure to pack the item safely to avoid any damage during shipping 
- For expensive items or purchases, it is recommended to purchase insurance for the return shipment to maker sure you are covered in case of damage during transit. Unfortunately, we will not be responsible for any damage that occurred during transit to your purchase when returning the item
- If you would like to receive a Return Shipping Reimbursement, please contact us immediately. Return Shipment Reimbursements will only be eligible for products that are returned due to defect. Any orders that are returned due to buyer fault will not be subject to shipping reimbursement. 
- All return shipments should be shipped using “cost effective methods”. Any return shipments that are shipped using a “non cost effective method“ (such as Overnight Mailing) will not be eligible for reimbursement. 


Last Updated: August 12, 2020